Sharon is currently working on a children's book based upon her unique childhood experience of growing up living in an apartment in the New York City Public Library - Manhattan's St Agnes Branch.


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Stoking the Furnace, and a Love for Books

An age ago, Sharon Washington would sit in her neighborhood library early in the evenings, perched on a short-legged chair sized for the children’s section, lost in the words and woodcut drawings of “The Red Fairy Book.” No one else would be around. The building was closed. The other kids had long since packed up their school bags. The librarians had gone home. It was just 8-year-old Sharon, alone, in the shush-less quiet of an empty building on Amsterdam Avenue.

Except she would be far away, standing, perhaps, in an unnamed forest, gazing up at the tower where Rapunzel awaited her prince and endured the wicked enchantress. And Sharon would close the book and go home — walking up two twisting flights to the apartment where she and her family lived, at the very top of the library.

When Sharon Washington says she grew up with books, she is speaking literally: Her father, George King Washington, was a library custodian, a job that for much of the 20th century included shoveling coal into the furnace at all hours. It came with an apartment, and a world of remembered magic for the little girl who grew up in the library, an only child.
— The New York Times